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How to Perform Factory reset on itel 5626

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How to Perform Factory reset on itel 5626

What is factory reset

Factory reset is defined by removing data/userdata from a device (itel 5626),this way the device is turned back to its default settings. It is a software restore and aims at resetting the software found in the device to original manufacturer settings. A factory reset can be used to resolve some software issues like hanging on logo,slow loading,extended reboot time,app optimizing extended time associated with the device or simply to wipe all user data from a device.

Why you will need to do factory reset

  • You want to Erase All Data From a device like PERFEO 9706-IPS ,
  • Forgotten Security Screen Lock Code,
  • Forgotten Security Password,
  • Forgotten Pattern Lock, Forgotten User Code,
  • Forgotten Phone Lock,
  • If your phone encountered a software error,
  • If Your Phone works much slower than when it was new

In order to perform Factory/Hard Reset on your device,


Press and hold the Power button for a while until you can see the logo on your screen.


After that, tap on the Left Select key and then on the Starkey to unlock your device.


Open the Application menu, tapping on the Central key.


Next, go to the Settings application and then go to the Restore factory settings menu.


At this point, you will have to input the 1234 code and tap on the Central key to confirm.

Good job! Now you know how to perform Hard Reset on your ITEL 5626

Hard reset itel 5626 using miracle box

  1. Downloadand extract the content of the Miracle Box to your desktop. Open the folder and run “MIRACLE THUNDER 2.58 or 2.82 CRACK”
  2. Install the software ,you can check installation method here
  3.  Open or run miracle box crack as administrator and Click on the coolsand/RDA then tick Rd unlock tab ,again if you dont have the cool sand drivers make sure to install them for this method to work correctly
  4. 4.Connect the phone to your PC (it should be switched off still with battery inside) then long press “0” when connection options pops up(Mass storage and COM port)
  5. Wait tillwhen you see “open USB download“,
  6. Click start button
  7. The connection being succesful, Miracle will scan and display the Unlock Codes
  8. Try till you get the correct one

How to reboot itel 5626

Step 1: Make sure, that your itel 5626 is in “ON” state.

Step 2: Now, remove the battery from your itel 5626 for a while. (5 mins)

Step 3: After the five minutes time interval, simply insert the battery into your itel 5626

Step 4: Turn your itel 5626 “ON” by pressing and holding the “Power” button.

Step 5: When your phone turned ON, the hard restarting/rebooting process successfully completes.

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