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Reuben L –A combination of Martial ArtistTraderDeveloperOnline InstructorYouTuberand Technophile!

With more than 3+ years of experience working online and (2 Years+ of failure!) I reached my first success with an online business, Latech-LLC, in 2019. Since then, i have managed to grow multiple online businesses following the strategies i learned along the way journey.

As a First Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo, I bring the discipline, focus, and
strategic thinking ingrained in martial arts to my technology-oriented career. 

My proficiency in both realms reflects an agile and precise approach to challenges, showcasing a unique blend of physical and intellectual acumen that sets me apart in the professional landscape.



I am a seasoned Developer primarily Specialized in Frontend Technologies.

Proficient in HTML ,CSS, Javascript,PHP and Python ,I bring a comprehensive skill set to create engaging and user-friendly web interfaces. My Expertise extends to utilizing UI/UX design tools, ensuring a seamless and Visually user experience.

With a Keen eye for detail and a passion for crafting responsive and dynamic websites, 

I thrive in the dynamic field of frontend web development ,Consistently delivering high quality and intuitive digital solutions.

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